Why young people thrive at Dreamscheme, New Videos & Kildare Day Trip!

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Autumn 2023

Hello friends

As the darkness of winter begins to descend, it’s easy to feel depressed. Don’t fear, though. We have a short video for you, in which we share our heart for young people and some of the great stories of how young people are growing and flourishing at Dreamscheme.

Give it a watch:

One quote from the video stood out for me:

Dreamscheme has impacted my life because it’s taught me things that no where else could.

Jake, aged 14

Time and again we find that young people who struggle in school or misbehave in other youth settings, thrive in Dreamscheme.

As far as I can see, there are a couple of factors behind this:

One is the kind of youth workers we have at Dreamscheme. Jonny, Lizzie and the rest of the team do not see their work as a job. Their youth work is a mission, a way of life. And young people can soon tell when an adult is truly for them and with them for the long run.

The other factor is the kind of environments we create at Dreamscheme. Perhaps the feedback of young people describe this better than I can. The following is taken from a survey we did early this year.

Q: How would you describe Dreamscheme in one short sentence

  • a fun safe place with leaders that become like family

  • fun and enjoyable and fun

  • Amazing fun and a good way to socialise

  • so funny and brilliant craic

  • It is engaging, sociable and fun

  • My safe place

  • My family

  • Dreamscheme is very inspiring, exciting and helps with learning, life choices and responsibilities

  • Amazing great space for young people to connect

  • i have so much fun every time i go and it has helped me become more confident

  • A fun, energetic area.

  • like a second family.

  • Home

  • A place to have fun with friends and youth workers

  • Very supportive and helpful

  • Fun, amazing and a great place to be

When young people walk into a Dreamscheme hub, they find a fun, family-like community that is filled with energy and encouragement. That is often the catalyst for growth.

Getting creative & trying something new

A core part of the Dreamscheme experience is to create opportunities for young people to try new things and find meaningful work.

One recent example of this, is an Art Project completed this month by a group of young people from our Four Winds hub. Chris asked them to share their recent experience designing and creating a mural for a local sports pavilion.

It’s a great watch:

To wrap this journal up, we’d like to promote a fundraising event.

🎄 Who’s joining us for a luxury Christmas shopping trip to Kildare Village?

Fill your gift bags and enjoy the best company on this Dreamscheme day trip!

RSVP to Emma on 07871133637. Tickets are £25pp with all funds going directly towards Dreamscheme’s work. (Kildare Village website)

Thank you everyone for your support, which comes in all sorts of shapes. We wouldn’t be able to sustain our team of workers and range of programmes without your interest, generosity and practical kindness.

Do feel free to share this newsletter with any friends who have an interest in helping young people thrive.

Until next time,


P.S. if you would like to make a donation to Dreamscheme this Christmas, it’s a great time to do so, as we currently have a two Christian trusts who are 50% match-funding every regular or one-off donation.

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